Peep Show Phantoscope

As I have often said that when one owns a “thing” it is so difficult to be objective when all the facts surrounding it are not there. We think it is more important, older and rarer then it may actually be. I went back through my archives and there it was a simple paragraph written by C. Francis Jenkins himself in the October 1920 in the Transactions of the SMPE journal: “My own contribution to this line was a Phantoscope toy (U.S. Patent No. 779,364, 1905) in which a flexible band was employed, the card being attached thereto by their lower ends and having a spaced relation of about five thousands inch. This close spacing of the cards assured a firm adhesion to the band and to each other.” There, we now have a date of 1904 for the patent application and a date of 1905 for the granting of the patent. Mystery solved. All the information I have found is included in this 21 pp book.